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The ongoing mission of the Able Confessor project is a simple idea: Confession is the missing ingredient to living in God’s Kingdom reality. Sin’s power comes from breaking God’s holy commands (I Cor. 15:56, Romans 7). This is remedied by Messiah Jesus’ life including His obedience unto death which paves the way for approaching God, the forgiveness of sin, and the indwelling empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Confession is the verbal component that accompanies repentance; repentance is the action we take in response to our sin. Both are to be a way of life for every disciple of Jesus.The ministry of The Able Confessor is the promotion of confession as a spiritual growth practice, provide biblical teaching and serve the Kingdom of God as a Confessor.

The Able Confessor

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The role of a confessor is a sacred one that requires spiritual, physical and mental efforts and exercise. But without proper understanding, abuse is inevitable. This book was written to help you understand the sacred role of a confessor and access the needed guidance to carry out your duty in the way the Bible instructs.Written by Bible teacher and confessor, Jesse Hessel, The Able Confessor is every confessor’s guide on carrying out confession practices. Whether you are just starting or have been practicing as a confessor, this book will give you the know-how and insight to become a compassionate and effective confessor aligned with God’s word. It offers a comprehensive overview of the important role of a confessor in the spiritual life of others and provides both practical and spiritual guidance that will help you to become a grounded confessor.Some of the teachings covered in this book include:• Preparing both the confessor and the confessee for confession
• Designing and creating a sacred place
• Guides to starting and closing the session
• Confession techniques and considerations
• Creating an atmosphere of safety and trust for the confessee
• Handling sensitive or difficult situations
Through God’s grace and mercy, this book will equip you to begin and grow a confession practice that will bring spiritual and emotional growth and healing to both the confessor and the confessee. You will find The Able Confessor book on Amazon here.

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